Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Take a look at the Quick Guide. You can also download it here: Xampion Quick Guide
  2. Charge your Xampion sensors using the Micro USB cable provided in the package. Charging time from empty to full is about one hour. The batteries last for up to 20 hours of active use.
  3. Download Xampion App from Google Play (Android) / App Store (iOS).
  4. Open App and tap “Sign Up” to create your Xampion account and sign in.
  5. Add your sensor IDs to your Xampion profile by going to Menu -> Sensors. The sensor ID numbers can be found on the label on your sensors. When both IDs are added, save by tapping Submit.
  6. Establish connection between the sensors and the App. Keep Xampion App open and shake the sensors for about 10 seconds to power them up. You know the sensors are connected when the red connection symbols on the top of your screen turn green and battery level indicators appear. Make sure the Bluetooth on your smart device is on and the batteries on the sensors are charged. PLEASE NOTE: It is important to establish connection before your first session with Xampion to synchronise the clocks on your sensors. If this is not done before using Xampion, the session data may not have the correct time/date in your Xampion App.
  7. Make sure your Xampion insoles are the right size for your shoe. Use your original insole for measurement and cut with scissors if necessary. The easiest way to cut the insoles to the right size is by placing your Xampion insole on a table with the bottom side facing up. Then place your original insole on top of it the same way with the heels levelled and the tips aligned. Then use a pen to draw a line to mark the excess in the tip area of the Xampion insole. Use sharp scissors and cut along the line.
  8. Place the insoles into your football boots and leave out your original insoles.
  9. Go play football! Xampion sensors power up and start recording data automatically when in motion. Power is turned off when sensors are still for 10 minutes. You don’t need your phone to start recording football data. PLEASE NOTE: When using Xampion for the first time, do a couple of maximum speed sprints with fast acceleration to set your first speed and tempo records into your profile. By doing this you will receive more accurate tempo related results from future sessions which are based on your personal performance.
  10. After the session, open Calendar View in Xampion App and shake the sensors for about 10 seconds to power them up and to transfer session data. Transferring the data may take from a couple of seconds up to about a minute depending on your device and how much data is being transferred. Keep the App open while transferring data. A new session (or several sessions) will appear on your calendar / session list. Tap the calendar date to open session information. PLEASE NOTE: Short playing sessions (less than 15 minutes) will not be shown in Xampion App as a new session. This is to avoid saving data to your app if the sensors have been switched on when moving them around when not playing.
Which Mobile Devices are supported?

Xampion App is available for iOS and Android operating systems.

System requirements:

Android 5.0 or newer
iPhone 5 or newer & iOS 10 or newer
BLE 4.0 (Bluetooth)

Can I use my own or customer Insoles?

Yes. Many sports insoles have a thicker area under the arch of your foot and for optimal comfort you can carve out some extra space for the sensor. Depending on the shape of your insole, this may or may not be necessary. You will find out best by using the sensors with your insoles a couple of times

What Size do I need?

If you think there is a risk that the smaller size may be too small, it’s a safer bet to go for the bigger size. The bigger insole can be cut smaller but the small can’t be made bigger.

It feels a little uncomfortable, Is this normal?

When switching from the standard (usually flat) soles that came with your football boots to Xampion soles, you will most likely feel the difference during your first session. This is mostly because Xampion Insoles provide more support under the arches of your feet than standard factory soles. Most foot specialists consider the support to be better for your pronation when you walk and run and may even prevent injuries.

However, feet are very individual and for a small percentage of users, the Xampion Insole may feel uncomfortable when playing. The most common reasons for this is that the person has very low arches or that the shape of the foot and the shoe is very narrow in the arch area.

If you experience this kind of discomfort, here’s a few tips:

  1. Xampion Insoles are made of material that will press down and adjust to the shape of your feet when using them for some time. The feeling of pressure under the arches will most likely go away after the first 1-2 hours of use as the insoles mold into the shape of your feet. Your feet will also get used to the support under the arches very quickly. So give the Xampion soles a couple of tries. In the vast majority of cases any discomfort is gone quickly.
  2. If this doesn’t help or it is painful to play, you can reshape the insoles. The soles are made of material that is pretty easy to shape with scissors or a sharp knife. If the problem is that the insole is too high around the arch area, you can slice off some of the material around the sensor socket under the insole. If you feel that the insole is too wide, you can cut it narrower. If you need to cut a lot, you may have to make the sensor socket a bit wider to make the sensor go further towards the center of the sole. It is also possible to cut some material off the heel end of the soles, which may be useful in some cases where the foot of the player is very small (size 37 and under).
  3. It is also possible to use Xampion Sensors with other insoles than the ones provided by Xampion. You can use strong tape to attach the sensors to the original insoles of your boots or other well fitting insoles. When doing this, attach the sensors to the corresponding area in the used sole as where it is placed with Xampion Insoles. Please note: If you want to use very thin soles with Xampion sensors, you may feel the sensors through them and this may cause some discomfort.
  4. If Xampion Insoles are not a good fit to you, you can also have a pair of custom soles made to the shape of your feet including the space for Xampion Sensors. Ask your local custom sole manufacturer for details and when ordering, ask them to construct a socket for the sensors.
After transferring data to my Mobile, the Data doesn’t look correct?

Incorrect session data is usually due to one of the following reasons:

  1. It is possible that the sensors have been activated from motion while you have carried them around for example in your pockets or your backpack. If the sensors are actively in motion for more than 15 minutes, this may create a new session in your app. If this happens, you may have several sessions recorded on the same day of which one is your actual play session and the others are non-relevant. If this happens, you can delete irrelevant sessions from Session List view by swiping right and tapping Delete.
  2. Another possible reasons for incorrect data in a session may be that one or both sensor batteries have run out during your session and the recording has stopped. You can check battery levels from the top of your screen in the Calendar View when sensors are connected to your phone.
  3. In some cases you may initially find incomplete data in a session if all the data has not yet been completely processed. Generating a new session usually takes 30-60 seconds after which a new session appears in your Calendar/Session List. If at this point the data does not look right, try fully closing the App and re-launching it. PLEASE NOTE: The App should not be closed during data transfer before notifications of completed transfers appear from both sensors. Closing App during data transfer may cause loss of data.
  4. When transferring data to your App you need to have internet connection because the session is processed on Xampion servers. If your connection is slow, a session with incomplete data may in some cases initially appear in to your App. If this happens, the session data will be completed as soon as you reach a better connection. Try relaunching the App when better connection is available.
  5. The data may be incomplete because of sensor malfunction. If either of your sensors are broken, the App will in most cases notify you when establishing connection and advice you to contact Xampion Support.
Whats is the Warranty Period?

Are the trackers Waterproof?

The devices are not waterproof but rather water resistant. Please ensure the plastic caps are inserted into the charging port after charging to avoid any water entering the device from the charging port.

What is the warranty period?

We offer 12 Months warranty on all devices.